When Is An Arrest Warrant Issued

When Is An Arrest Warrant Issued?

An arrest warrant is a document that gives law enforcement the right to legally arrest a specific person. Law enforcement officers cannot obtain an arrest warrant without a judge’s approval. In fact, this document is not official until a judge has signed it. When will a judge sign off on an arrest warrant? Here’s what […]
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Can the Police Search Your Vehicle During A DWI Stop?

Law enforcement officers are allowed to ask to see a driver’s license and registration during a traffic stop. They are also permitted to conduct sobriety tests if they believe the driver is intoxicated. But, can the police search your vehicle during a DWI stop? Here’s what you need to know to protect your rights: The […]
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The Burden of Proof in DWI Cases

“Burden of proof” is a legal term that refers to the plaintiff’s responsibility to present evidence against the defendant in order to win a case. This means in a criminal DWI case, it is the prosecution’s job to present evidence that proves the defendant’s guilt. Here’s what you need to know about the burden of […]
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