Drug Crimes and Civil Forfeiture of Assets

Under Missouri civil forfeiture law, law enforcement officers can seize any property that they have probable cause to believe is used or derived from criminal activity. This type of seizure also requires that the police have probable cause to believe that the property will be lost or destroyed if not seized. The seizure must be […]
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Can the Police Search My Car if They Don’t Have a Warrant?

There are some circumstances under which the police can search your car, even without a warrant. First, if you consent to the search, the police can legally search your vehicle. However, you are never required to consent to a search, so you generally should not do so. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that you […]
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Why Do Innocent People Accept Plea Deals

Why Do Innocent People Accept Plea Deals?

It’s estimated that between 90 to 95 percent of all criminal cases are resolved with plea deals. This means that the vast majority of criminal defendants plead guilty, but it does not mean that all of these defendants are actually guilty. In fact, it is very common for innocent people to accept plea deals instead […]
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