Do I Need an Attorney to Fight My Charges?

Do I Need an Attorney to Fight My Charges?The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that every criminal defendant has the right to an attorney. But, is hiring an attorney necessary? Here are some of the many reasons why you will need an attorney to fight your charges:

Plea Bargain Negotiations

Most criminal cases are resolved with plea bargains, which is an agreement that involves the defendant pleading guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence or reduced charges. A criminal defense attorney can aggressively negotiate the terms of this deal on your behalf. Therefore, a criminal defense attorney can ensure you are offered the best plea deal possible.

Solid Defense Strategy

A criminal defense attorney is responsible for developing a unique defense strategy to fight your criminal charges. This may sound simple, but it’s not. An attorney will spend countless hours gathering and analyzing evidence, working with expert witnesses, researching similar criminal cases, and preparing to present your case to jurors. Criminal defendants do not have the time–or legal expertise–to tackle these tasks. Therefore, it’s best to trust an attorney with your defense strategy.

Extensive Legal Experience

Hire a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience so you can take advantage of his or her legal knowledge. Experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of the legal system, and often have professional relationships with other key players in your case. Extensive experience also helps attorneys evaluate criminal cases so they can offer their clients the best advice possible. For example, an attorney will know whether it is in the best interest of the client to accept a plea deal or take the case to trial. This type of knowledge can only be acquired through experience. For this reason, there’s no doubt that legal experience is an invaluable asset that can benefit every criminal defendant.

Emotional Support

Facing criminal charges is emotionally draining, and no one knows this better than an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys work with people in this situation everyday, so they have a deep understanding of how it feels to be in your shoes. As a result, a criminal defense attorney can provide the emotional support you need to make it through this process.

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