Legislation Proposed to Allow Concealed Carry on Public Transportation

Three Missouri legislators reportedly have revived proposals to allow passengers on MetroLink to carry concealed weapons for the purposes of protection. The law would apply not only to the light rail system, but buses and other public transportation across the state, except for Amtrak. Under current law, only law enforcement personnel may be armed while using MetroLink and public buses. While crime rates on MetroLink are not particularly high, there are incidents that occur from time to time.

All three proposals require individuals who wish to carry concealed weapons on public transportation to undergo training and a background check in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. Presently, training and background checks are not been mandatory for those seeking concealed carry permits, due to changes to gun laws that legislators made in 2017.

Metro Transit officials are opposing all proposals that would allow individuals to carry concealed weapons on public transportation. Their position is that allowing riders to carry concealed weapons would prove to be more dangerous for riders and police. Citizens for Modern Transit, a St. Louis organization that supports MetroLink, also opposes the proposed measures. Furthermore, the Missouri Public Transit Association, as well as many of the groups that make up its members, opposes the proposals.

The new executive officer overseeing Metro is planning on implementing other policies to ensure the safety of riders while using public transportation. For instance, they intend to have more police officers and security on trains, as opposed to on train platforms. They also intend to reconfigure some train stations to limit the general public’s access to the trains. As part of the revamping of Metro security, the new executive also plans to replace two top security officials. Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center provides strong legal representation on a regular basis for individuals who are charged with traffic, DWI crimes, and other criminal offenses. It is our priority is to represent your interests and protect your rights.  Call us at (816) 322-8008 and schedule an appointment to meet with us about your case today.

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