Talking to Insurance Representatives After a Car Accident in Kansas City or Cass County

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Claims Representative After a Car Accident in Kansas City or Cass County. If you are injured in an automobile accident and the other side is at fault, you will probably be contacted by a claims representative from the other driver’s insurance company. The first thing they will want from you is a recorded statement. They will tell you that they just want to get your version of the events find out if you are injured.

If you give a recorded statement right after the accident, you may still be upset about the crash or under the influence of pain medication. You may say things that are not in your best interest and the insurance company will use your statement against you. You may give information to the claims representative that you do not intend or before you know the extent of your injuries.

If you give a recorded statement, you are simply giving the insurance company ammunition they will use against you later in settlement negotiations and at trial. What you say can and will be used against you by the insurance company.
Claims representatives for the insurance carriers are professionals who are experts at what they do. Their job is to have your claim cost as little as possible for their company. The claims representative will tell you that all they need to get things started is your recorded statement to determine liability. Then the claims representative will ask questions about how the accident occurred, the extent of property damage, your injuries, prior injuries and health issues, and other personal information.

Do Not Agree to Provide Medical Authorizations or Releases to the Insurance Claims Representative After a Car Accident in Kansas City or Cass County.

After the recorded statement, the claims representative will ask you to sign a medical authorization so the insurance company can obtain medical records and bills resulting from the vehicle accident. What they won’t tell you is that the claims representative will often use your medical authorization to not just obtain your treating records, but also to obtain your prior, unrelated medical records.

The claims representative will run your name through the Claims Index Database, which provides personal information about past claims from prior car accidents or work related injuries. The claims representative will access the Claims Index Database to find more information that can be used against you in a potential claim. If you were not in the Claims Index Database before the crash, you will be after.

By the time you are finished treating, the insurance company will know more about your injuries and health conditions than you do – thanks to your recorded statement, the Claims Index Database, and you’re your medical records and information obtained through your medical authorization. All of this personal information about you will be used against you in your claim especially if it goes to trial.

Don’t Settle a Claim Without Consulting an Attorney First

A car accident can be emotionally and financially stressful. Many people have the inclination to try to reach a settlement with an opposing insurance company as quickly as possible.

Many times a claims representative will tell you the insurance company will work with you and that you do not need an attorney. Agreeing to a quick settlement without speaking to an attorney first is a very bad idea. Claims representatives usually try to push people to settle as quickly as possible, and these quick settlements are extremely favorable to the insurance company. They want you to settle before you speak to a lawyer, because they believe that they can push a low settlement offer on you before you have a chance to realize the full value of your case and the full extent of your injuries.

If you have not recovered from your injuries and are continuing medical treatment, you should not settle your case because your doctor is in a better position determining the amount of medical treatment you need than an insurance company. Please do not settle any car accident personal injury claim with an insurance company without seeking the services of an experienced attorney.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Cass County

The big insurance companies want to settle car accident claims for the smallest amount possible. Do not let them take advantage of you after an automobile accident. If you have been in an automobile accident in Missouri you should seek the assistance of a skilled car accident attorney. If you have any questions about auto accidents in the Kansas City area and Cass County, contact Benjamin Law firm for a consultation to determine if you have a claim.

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