Tips to Avoid Semi Truck Accidents on the Highway in Kansas City and Cass County

Most truck drivers on the road are highly skilled drivers who must qualify for special commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) before driving a semi truck. These drivers must comply with stricter rules to help protect the safety of other motorists on the highway. Unfortunately, even the most careful and skillful drivers face higher risks of accidents because of the challenges of driving large, heavy, trucks on the highway with many potential hazards such as road debris, careless drivers, and bad weather. In addition, there are some truck drivers who drive while distracted, sleep-deprived, inexperienced, or carelessly, putting other motorists at great risk on the highway.

Driving in Front of a Semi Truck

If you must slow down in front of a semi truck on the highway, slow down gradually. A semi truck with a full load can take the distance of over three football fields to stop. This will require that you stay alert to the potential hazards in front of you so that any semi truck driver behind you will have plenty of warning to avoid hitting you. If a semi truck is following too close behind you, move out of the way and let the truck pass you. Be careful when you change lanes and make sure you use your blinker to give semi truck drivers time to react. Remember that semi trucks do not maneuver as easily as cars so they cannot react as quickly to your lane or speed changes.

Driving Behind a Semi Truck

If you need to pass a semi truck in front of you, remember to be patient! Wait until you can safely pass, a few moments of patience can save your life. Do not tailgate the semi truck in front of you. You may be unaware of heavy traffic or other issues in front of the semi truck requiring him to quickly brake and you must be prepared to respond to a sudden stop at any moment in front of you. Be aware of the semi truck driver’s blind spot and do not hang out there. When you are directly behind the semi truck and when you begin your pass of the semi truck, chances are the semi truck driver cannot see you. As you can guess, you are in danger anytime you come close to a semi truck when the driver cannot see your car.

Pay Attention on the Highway

Pay attention when you drive! The most important thing you can do to avoid accidents with semi trucks or any other type of accident is to pay attention. Texting and dialing your cell phone can wait until you reach your destination.

Unfortunately, even the greatest amount of care cannot always be enough to avoid a car accident. If you are injured in an accident with a semi truck, contact the experienced attorneys at Benjamin Law Firm at 816-322-8008 for a consultation. We will work with you and your family to recover the compensation you deserve from the semi truck driver and the trucking company.

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  1. Avoiding accidents with semi-trucks seem like a very important thing to do when driving. They can really cause a lot of damage to you and your car. So, I like that you pointed out how you shouldn’t drive too close behind a truck. It seems like if you do get into an accident with one it would be smart to talk to a accident attorney.


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