What Are the Different Levels of Sex Offender Registration in Missouri?

Mandatory sex offender registration can place a heavy burden on those who already have served their sentences for certain sex-related offenses. Placement on the registry can impact your ability to get and maintain employment, as well as subject you to constant scrutiny by the public. Sex offender registration can make your life more difficult in countless ways, so the ability to be removed from the registry can be a big step toward improving your life.

Recent revisions to Missouri law now provide for three different tiers of sex offender registration. Tier 1 offenders must report to their local law enforcement agency on an annual basis, and they can request removal from the list after a ten-year period has elapsed. Tier II offenders must report to local police every six months, and they can ask for removal after 25 years, and Tier III offenders remain on the list for life, with reporting required on a quarterly basis. To have their names removed from the sex offender registry, individuals must file a petition with the court in the jurisdiction in which their conviction occurred.

Prior to the recent revisions to Missouri’s sex offender registry law, all individuals were required to register for life. The previous law made no distinctions made between individuals who were convicted of public urination while intoxicated and those who committed rape; all offenders were placed into a single category that required them to report to their local police stations on a quarterly basis. It was also very rare that anyone was ever able to be removed from the registry, regardless of the circumstances. This draconian approach to the sex offender registry seriously penalized those who had committed only low-level, relatively minor offenses that caused no harm to others. If you have questions about your registration requirements and whether you can seek removal from the sex offender registry, you will greatly benefit from the legal advice that you only can get from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center of Benjamin Law Firm, LLC, has the skills and knowledge that will benefit you in handling your criminal charge. When you need clear answers to your legal questions, contact our office today at (816) 322-8008. 

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